The Problem

Time spent on resolving operational faults effects performance and in turn will accumulate to result in significant cost implications.

Also, drivers can be overloaded with options regarding the cause of the fault. Time pressures and information overload is not a good foundation for solving a problem. Both of these conditions can combine to create a high chance of error.

The Solution

resolve is a unique mobile application, that’s provides an ‘Intelligent’ Fault Guide for iPad’s, iPhone and Android devices. Delivered as a bespoke solution to train operators and rail businesses to enable a step-by-step fault identification process, bypassing irrelevant causes and resulting in fast, stress-free resolution of operational faults…

… it’s as simple as that!

What next?

Whether you have existing hard copy fault guides in place or require support in developing new content and flow processes, the team at resolve will work with you to deliver operational support Apps that work … and work fast.

Please call Jonathan Hall or Paul Durrant to discuss how we can resolve it for you.

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Resolve Strap Line


Resolve App Screens


The traditional method for train drivers to identify and solve operational faults has been to review a manual and flow based diagrams that assists the driver to follow a range of optional, cause based criteria. Working through the options will result in identification of the cause and a recommended solution.

The inherent difficulty with this approach is that the user is faced with many optional factors that require consideration to identify a single cause.  Not only is the driver faced with the problem and a need to “fix it quickly”, they is also confronted with many options that can cause ‘information overload’.

resolves’ step-by-step fault identification and the logical bypass of irrelevant causes, will result in a quicker resolution of operational faults and in turn reduce the penalty charges.


Resolve Brochure Design

Optional features:

Video Audio or Animated instructions

Depending on the complexity of the fault, it may be necessary to deliver the guidance in greater detail than words and picture can communicate. We can embed video, audio and/or animated sequences to give a better understanding of the required procedure to resolve the fault.

Operational Updates and Procedural Alerts

The App can also be embedded with a bespoke communications functionality, enabling operations or control teams to update drivers on any immediate engineering or operational information that is relevant at the time.

‘Push’ to inform the Control Centre

This communications functionality can also be further developed to send information back to control with automatic updates provided by text or email when a fault has been resolved. The time taken to resolve a fault can also be logged for further analysis and feedback to the training team.