First Group "Names"

Targeting the UK travelling public, we created a series of posters highlighting a range of passenger safety issues.


FirstGroup plc


To create a range of station posters to be used throughout the UK, informing passengers about specific station hazards. The brief was to personalise the nature of incidents and remind passengers that incidents can happen to any of us. The requirement was to create impact without being too shocking or disturbing.

J9 Solution

- Six Poster concepts
- Wall high vinyl
- Station display animations

This project was coordinated across the 5 FirstGroup TOCS and J9 liaised with each operator and their communications teams to ensure local design and brand guidelines were adhered to.

Station platforms are visually noisy areas with signage and promotion posters wherever you turn so it was important for us to create high impact graphics. We selected yellow for impact and created high impact, solid black silhouette images of incidents with suitable headlines. We used Christian names within the black graphics to highlight that these are real people that have had incidents and it could that it could happen to any one of us if we are not careful.