Situational Awareness

London Overground - Situational Awareness Documentary Style Briefing


London Overground


Development of a briefing resource to introduce the ideas behind Situational Awareness or SA as known in the airline industry.

J9 Solution

- Brand and Packaging
- Research into SA within the aviation sector
- Case study interviews
- Posters

We combined some unique knowledge and resource from around the world and worked with both medical expert and BBC Horizon presenter, Kevin Fong and Broadcaster, Nick Owen to create a unique documentary style briefing.
This was combined with interviews from the aviation sector and with train drivers that had past incidents to create a complete perspective from all angles.

This briefing is now generating considerable interest across the UK rail sector and is being adopted by other TOCS who are adapting the core SA messages and knowledge for their own driver briefings.

The issue of SA and driver focus is a continual priority for TOCs and they require innovative communications solutions to keep the awareness and priority of the SA theses in a drivers mind. We continue to develop news ways of communicating these crucially important messages.