ScotRail Switched On

ScotRail Switched On Driver Campaign




To develop and brand for the Switched On” concept for driver and front line staff briefings building on the important issue of focus, concentration and situational awareness.

J9 Solution

- Posters
- Merchandising
- Briefing and feedback cards

The Switched On campaign is now in its third year and due to its success has also been taken up by other FirstGroup TOCs as well as internationally. This sharing of resources and creative work has saved time and resource for the safety and operations teams. As well as high impact posters and briefing feedback sheets we also created a range of suitable giveaways from heated mugs, through to LED light pens, branded spring water ( Hydrate to Concentrate) and other tools to keep the messages alive.

J9 has also liaised with local marketing communicating teams to adjust artwork and ensure that local subtleties of design and brand guideline are incorporated.