Serco ZERO Harm

Serco Transport ZERO Harm - Global Safety Brand


Serco Transport


Working with the Head of Safety, J9 were briefed to deliver a range of internal communications tools that would combine to improve the safety culture within the business.

J9 Solution

- Global Safety Brand and Assurance Certification Brand
- Newsletters
- Posters
- Competence Management Booklets
- Video case studies
- Intranet Video News

When delivering design work within strict corporate guidelines it is important that we appreciate the balance between practical implementation and innovation. J9 developed a safety brand for Serco that built on the existing brand values and was able to sit as a sub brand on appropriate documents.

Once the Zero Harm brand was established we then delivered a range of lessons leant based communications tools across Sercos transport division. It was also important that we followed detailed technical guidance from the central IT team when implementing a video newsletter across the Serco intranet platform.

Today the Zero Harm brand can be seen in Serco sites and depots across the world.